Human behind the words


Hey! Hi! Greetings! So who am I? I’m just a Brooklyn gal trying to make sense of all of the wonder in this world. Sybil’s were oracles in Ancient Greek mythology, but the name also means mustache in Persian. I’m probably somewhere in between. One part logic, one part mystery. As much as I learn, I know next to nothing…but always feel close to everything. And I like it that way.

Been on a journey for the past several years and recently things feel different, as if I’m at a juicy and complex life junction of sorts. As such, I have returned to this blog as a platform to create, express, collaborate and allow whatever needs to flow through me the space to do just that. Read it, don’t read it, connect, don’t connect…it’s all good. This is for me, this is for you, this is for Tim in Timbuktu. Whatever it is and wherever it goes, I’m grateful to have you along for this journey with me, I love you. Let’s dive down the rabbit hole together.





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